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Song Profit™ is a performance-based music advertising agency with distributed networks for website publishers and advertisers.
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Signing up for a Song Profit™ account is free. In order to use the SongQ™ Ad Server and to offer you the best-in-class technical support, we require all users to have an account on our system.


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Musicians, bands, artists and labels sign up as advertisers to sell their songs and tickets through websites and blogs

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Publishers make money by placing music and ticket advertisements on their websites and blogs.


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Our core competency is our SongQ™ Targeting Technology. This tool links relevant ads and web content together. Music fans interested in the content will also see advertisements in the same category. Our advertising network encompasses 150,000+ content rich websites, serving 3 billion impressions each month. It is also one of the largest online drivers of traffic. Established with worldwide reach.

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Maximize your ROI with our SongQ™ Advertising Network! Want to advertise your songs to a specific group in a specific country, state, city, or zip? Experience high performance, highly targeted advertising. No Set-up Fees! No Monthly Fees! Great results! Let us expand the reach of your songs without the risk. Join our SongQ™ Advertising Network for the most options, precise targeting, and best performance.

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With traffic comes earning potential! We help you maximize your sites full earning potential with the SongQ™ Network for Website Publishers. SongQ offers experienced publishers more ad types, more offers, and more options! Exclusive offers, the highest pay-outs in the industry, the sky is the limit!


Song Profit is built to handle millions of ad impressions per day. Our network can handle as many music campaigns as you can throw at it without flinching. Song Profit ensures that music advertisers extend reach and meet their goals, while publishers allocate every impression for maximum revenue.


Song Profit has been designed to simplify the process of selling music through an easy-to-use self-service platform. The platform is based on a number of "concepts" designed to help you manage the entire music advertising sales cycle.

Professional Management

Customized and professionally managed music advertising campaigns. Don't have time to manage your music advertising for maximum return? No worries, contact us today for a customized quote on our complete line of advertising services.

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Sign up as a publisher or advertiser for free. Advertisers pay when they are ready to sell music. Publishers collect when they are ready to publish our music ads on their blog or website.


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Hear What Are Clients Say.

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    Horace Mingo CEO, Songrila.

    Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to get paid for great work. Invest in the things that get's your work recognized. Don't settle. Advertising is a must do and this is honestly what works for us.

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    John Tray CEO, Blast Records.

    Dollar for dollar the best way to promote music. It just works!


Questions and Answers.

What are the fraud protection features?

Traffic-fraud can put any advertising network on the fast-track to failure. Because fraudsters are always looking for a way to make a fast buck, the tactics they employ are constantly changing. We go beyond the typical invalid-click filtration methods with our exclusive Traffic Definition Service. This anti-virus like service analyzes and compares every click event, and impression event, against an ever growing database of emerging threats to your ad networks integrity. Today, as of right now, over 500,000 threats exist in our database.

Where is Song Profit made?

Since day one, the Song Profit has been, and continues to be, proudly designed, engineered, and supported in America. By eliminating language and cultural barriers, you are assured the best quality product with an unparalleled level of support. We're 100% Owned and Operated in the USA with in-house sales, engineering, and support.

What is a music publisher?

Publishers represent music owners that use to promote and sell their music on social media and websites. The music owner sets the price of their songs. As a music publisher, you select the websites, blogs or social media venue where you place or submit the ad code.

What is a music advertiser?

Music advertisers represent the owners of the music advertising campaigns. Music advertisers create advertisements within Song Profit by providing information for each campaign. Music advertisers will typically select the Channels in which their ad is to be displayed along with any associated keywords. Depending on the system configuration, advertisers can also select targeted regions as well as target countries for ad delivery.

How does Song Profit work?

The Song Profit was designed to simplify the process of selling music through an easy-to-use self-service platform. The platform is based on a number of "concepts" designed to help you manage the entire music advertising sales cycle.

How many ads can Song Profit handle?

Designed to scale, the Song Profit can handle the demands of your deployment, large or small. From a couple million ads a day on a single server deployment, to billions of ads per month in a server farm, the Song Profit Ad Server performs.

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